Nautiske kurser

Duration:                                   2 days

Place:                                         MARTEC Skagen, Kuttervej 13, 9990


Price:                                          DKK 5.600/delegate excl. DK VAT

Delegate Limits:                       Minimum 4 and maximum 12 delegates

Language:                                  English

Standard:                                   Danish Maritime Authorities (DMA)


Target group

European citizens employed and engaged as Sippers on-board Danish registered fishing vessels.


The delegate must be a citizen in a European country and hold a European certificate of competence (COC) as Skipper on-board fishing vessels.



This course introduces the responsibilities to attend when acting as the master of a Danish registered fishing vessel. The course follows the mandatory requirements as laid down by the Danish Maritime Authority. Requirements giving insight to facilitate knowledge and skills to promote and engrave a sound work environment on-board practically and in cooperation with the crew.



Rules and regulations, which need to followed and attended to be able to take responsibility of the administrative operation of a fishing vessel as a master.

Understanding of the intentions with following Danish legislation as translated to English language:

  • The Merchant Shipping (Masters' and Seamen's) Act ƒ
  • Danish Maritime Authority Order on instruction of seafarers when signing on a ship
  • Technical Regulations on The Performance of Work on Board Ship
  • Danish Maritime Authority on Substances and Materials Used on Board Ships
  • Act on Safety of Life at Sea (Chapter 4 and 12)

Hereunder, the use of these Danish laws and regulations etc., understanding of the masters responsibilities, as well as knowledge of their legal execution as well as bargaining agreements and the masters authority in relation to Danish law.



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