The Ship

The era of large sailing ships is definitely not over. As long as there is a desire to get an education as a seaman, they will always be here. The Danish Government had the DANMARK built in 1932. The purpose was to have a proper Training ship. Now, as then, young people who want a career at sea can have their basic training on board the DANMARK. There is room for 15 crew members and 80 trainees on board the ship.


To ensure the function of the ship it requires that all on board are involved in the operation around the clock. Furthermore, professional competence and social skills are highly weighted and during the voyage there will be plenty of time and opportunity to train the skills of cooperation, tolerance and responsibility – all key skills in our days’ society.

As a trainee on the Training ship DANMARK, you don’t only get an education; you will also visit exciting parts of the world and gain friendships that can last forever. Many choose to join for a voyage after they have completed a secondary education.

We speak english on board

It is possible for foreigners to apply to Training Ship DANMARK. The language spoken on board will mainly be English. Learn more: Study guidance